Caplan Cobb’s Mike Caplan and Brandon Waddell, along with legendary criminal defense lawyer Bruce Harvey and famed civil rights lawyer Gerry Weber, represent Nydia Tisdale, a citizen journalist who was physically assaulted by a Dawson County Sheriff’s deputy while she was filming an open Republican Party campaign event. Despite that Nydia did nothing more than ask the Sheriff’s deputy to “identify” himself while being dragged out of the event, Dawson County indicted Nydia on bogus charges of “obstruction of justice.” The indictment was handed down more than a year after the incident, but only weeks after our legal team informed the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office that Nydia intended to bring a civil lawsuit–and after the Sheriff’s Deputy announced his plan to run for county sheriff.

Caplan’s interview about the questionable timing and politics surrounding Dawson County’s indictment of Nydia will feature at 5pm on Monday on WSB-TV.

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