Notable Defense Wins

A record of success.


Class Actions

  • Defending a publicly traded consulting firm, secured a pre-discovery, favorable settlement in a class action alleging fraud and economic damages arising out of the provision of medical services.

Joint Venture / Corporate Governance / Partnership Litigation

  • As lead trial counsel for a pharmaceutical company, obtained a complete defense verdict following a multi-day trial.
  • Representing a large financial services company, achieved a creative business solution in a dispute between joint venture partners.

Financial Services

  • Representing a national bank against legal and equitable claims brought by another national bank, successfully defeated all of the plaintiff’s claims and secured a resolution requiring a settlement payment to the defendant, including attorney’s fees. 

Media Law

  • Secured a complete dismissal of a defamation action filed against a Fortune 500 media conglomerate, local newspaper, and journalist.

Governmental Investigations

  • Successfully defended various officers, directors, and others in civil investigations brought by various federal government entities, including the Securities & Exchange Commission, Department of Justice, and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Real Estate Litigation

  • Obtained partial summary judgment in a high-stakes commercial lease dispute filed against a national telecommunications company.


  • On behalf of a brokerage firm, obtained a complete defense verdict following a week-long arbitration of securities-fraud claims.
  • On behalf of an Atlanta-based securities underwriter,  obtained an early dismissal of a securities-fraud action brought in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.


  • Successfully defended a TCPA action brought against a marketing company.



  • Secured the release of Justin Chapman, who was wrongfully convicted of murder and arson.
  • Successfully defended a state court judge in a constitutional challenge to state election laws.


  • “Poised, relaxed, responsive, and articulate.”

    Co-counsel in a Complex Appeal
  • "Meticulous and incredibly thorough."

    Professor of Constitutional Law at a Georgia Law School
  • “Articulate and intelligent and maintained [his] poise through intense questioning.”

    Co-counsel in Appeal of a Significant Financial Dispute
  • "Fantastic lawyer.  Legal ability and professionalism are off the charts."

    Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review
  • "Extremely comfortable in the courtroom."

    Co-counsel in High-Profile Class Dispute
  • "An excellent lawyer who provides his clients with representation on the highest level."

    Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review
  • “I get briefed all day by people around the world, [Brandon’s briefing] was a model—among the clearest, most thoughtful, and most informative I’ve ever gotten.”

    Director of International Strategy for a Fortune Global 500 Company
  • “Cameron is a thorough and dedicated lawyer who brings tremendous insight and creative thinking to complex and novel issues in our litigation matters.  He can always be counted on to go the extra mile for the client to achieve the best possible result.”

    Co-counsel and Partner of an Am Law 100 Firm
  • "An outstanding trial attorney and advocate."

    Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review
  • "Took the lead on a complex appeal before the Georgia Supreme Court. . . . Professional, energetic, and effective in his presentation, and his writing and oral argument skills were outstanding."

    Co-counsel in a Complex Appeal and a Partner of a Major National Law Firm
  • "Ethical, honest, and strong attorneys."

    Client and Founding Partner of an Atlanta Accounting Firm
  • “Wise counselors in disputes, and effective, successful litigators.”

    Client and Founding Partner of an Atlanta Accounting Firm
  • "An absolutely top-notch lawyer."

    Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review
  • “Approaches the law like an old war horse.”

    Co-counsel in Federal Constitutional Case and Former Director of the ACLU
  • "First-rate analysis, writing, and advocacy skills."

    Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review
  • “Quick and creative . . . work is of the highest quality . . . painstaking excellence.”

    Southern Center for Human Rights
  • "Highest quality of written and oral advocacy.  Smart, thorough, and effective in the courtroom."

    Co-counsel in a Complex Appeal
  • “James is one of the best lawyers I’ve ever tried a case with.  He’s meticulous, very smart, has excellent judgment, and is unflappable in even the most difficult circumstances.”

    Co-counsel in a Securities Action and a Partner of a Major Law Firm
  • "Really amazing legal work."

    Co-counsel in an Antitrust Enforcement Suit and Partner of a Major Atlanta Law Firm

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