Notable Defense Wins

A record of success.


Class Actions

  • Defending a publicly traded consulting firm, secured a pre-discovery, favorable settlement in a class action alleging fraud and economic damages arising out of the provision of medical services.

Joint Venture / Corporate Governance / Partnership Litigation

  • As lead trial counsel for a pharmaceutical company, obtained a complete defense verdict following a multi-day trial.
  • Representing a large financial services company, achieved a creative business solution in a dispute between joint venture partners.

Financial Services

  • Representing a national bank against legal and equitable claims brought by another national bank, successfully defeated all of the plaintiff’s claims and secured a resolution requiring a settlement payment to the defendant, including attorney’s fees. 

Media Law

  • Secured a complete dismissal of a defamation action filed against a Fortune 500 media conglomerate, local newspaper, and journalist.

Governmental Investigations

  • Successfully defended various officers, directors, and others in civil investigations brought by various federal government entities, including the Securities & Exchange Commission, Department of Justice, and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Real Estate Litigation

  • Obtained partial summary judgment in a high-stakes commercial lease dispute filed against a national telecommunications company.


  • On behalf of a brokerage firm, obtained a complete defense verdict following a week-long arbitration of securities-fraud claims.
  • On behalf of an Atlanta-based securities underwriter,  obtained an early dismissal of a securities-fraud action brought in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.


  • Successfully defended a TCPA action brought against a marketing company.



  • Secured the release of Justin Chapman, who was wrongfully convicted of murder and arson.
  • Successfully defended a state court judge in a constitutional challenge to state election laws.


  • "Ethical, honest, and strong attorneys."

    Client and Founding Partner of an Atlanta Accounting Firm
  • “Quick and creative . . . work is of the highest quality . . . painstaking excellence.”

    Southern Center for Human Rights
  • "An absolutely top-notch lawyer."

    Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review
  • “Articulate and intelligent and maintained [his] poise through intense questioning.”

    Co-counsel in Appeal of a Significant Financial Dispute
  • “Very highest standards of excellence, professionalism and public service.”

    Co-counsel and Founding Partner of a Major Atlanta Law Firm
  • "Really amazing legal work."

    Co-counsel in an Antitrust Enforcement Suit and Partner of a Major Atlanta Law Firm
  • “Wise counselors in disputes, and effective, successful litigators.”

    Client and Founding Partner of an Atlanta Accounting Firm
  • “James is one of the best lawyers I’ve ever tried a case with.  He’s meticulous, very smart, has excellent judgment, and is unflappable in even the most difficult circumstances.”

    Co-counsel in a Securities Action and a Partner of a Major Law Firm
  • “I get briefed all day by people around the world, [Brandon’s briefing] was a model—among the clearest, most thoughtful, and most informative I’ve ever gotten.”

    Director of International Strategy for a Fortune Global 500 Company
  • “Approaches the law like an old war horse.”

    Co-counsel in Federal Constitutional Case and Former Director of the ACLU
  • “Poised, relaxed, responsive, and articulate.”

    Co-counsel in a Complex Appeal
  • "An outstanding trial attorney and advocate."

    Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review
  • "Meticulous and incredibly thorough."

    Professor of Constitutional Law at a Georgia Law School
  • "Extremely comfortable in the courtroom."

    Co-counsel in High-Profile Class Dispute
  • "An excellent lawyer who provides his clients with representation on the highest level."

    Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review
  • "Took the lead on a complex appeal before the Georgia Supreme Court. . . . Professional, energetic, and effective in his presentation, and his writing and oral argument skills were outstanding."

    Co-counsel in a Complex Appeal and a Partner of a Major National Law Firm
  • "Highest quality of written and oral advocacy.  Smart, thorough, and effective in the courtroom."

    Co-counsel in a Complex Appeal
  • "Fantastic lawyer.  Legal ability and professionalism are off the charts."

    Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review
  • "First-rate analysis, writing, and advocacy skills."

    Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review

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