Fee Arrangements

A client-centered approach to fees.
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Caplan Cobb prices legal services competitively. We offer flexible fee arrangements designed to maximize value and predictability for our clients. We prefer to align our incentives with yours, by sharing risks and rewards.

A client-centered approach to fees.

The hourly fee tends to skew a lawyer’s incentives, rewarding excessive time and prolonged disputes. Many lawyers charge exclusively on an hourly basis. We don’t. We would prefer to be rewarded for efficiency and success rather than time spent. Therefore, while hourly fees may be appropriate for some matters, we strive to offer our clients options to engage us on a fixed, contingency, goal-oriented, or hybrid fee.


  • "An outstanding trial attorney and advocate."

    Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review
  • "An absolutely top-notch lawyer."

    Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review
  • “James is one of the best lawyers I’ve ever tried a case with.  He’s meticulous, very smart, has excellent judgment, and is unflappable in even the most difficult circumstances.”

    Co-counsel in a Securities Action and a Partner of a Major Law Firm
  • “I get briefed all day by people around the world, [Brandon’s briefing] was a model—among the clearest, most thoughtful, and most informative I’ve ever gotten.”

    Director of International Strategy for a Fortune Global 500 Company
  • “Wise counselors in disputes, and effective, successful litigators.”

    Client and Founding Partner of an Atlanta Accounting Firm
  • “Articulate and intelligent and maintained [his] poise through intense questioning.”

    Co-counsel in Appeal of a Significant Financial Dispute
  • "Ethical, honest, and strong attorneys."

    Client and Founding Partner of an Atlanta Accounting Firm
  • "Extremely comfortable in the courtroom."

    Co-counsel in High-Profile Class Dispute
  • "Meticulous and incredibly thorough."

    Professor of Constitutional Law at a Georgia Law School
  • “Quick and creative . . . work is of the highest quality . . . painstaking excellence.”

    Southern Center for Human Rights
  • "An excellent lawyer who provides his clients with representation on the highest level."

    Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review
  • "Took the lead on a complex appeal before the Georgia Supreme Court. . . . Professional, energetic, and effective in his presentation, and his writing and oral argument skills were outstanding."

    Co-counsel in a Complex Appeal and a Partner of a Major National Law Firm
  • “Very highest standards of excellence, professionalism and public service.”

    Co-counsel and Founding Partner of a Major Atlanta Law Firm
  • “Approaches the law like an old war horse.”

    Co-counsel in Federal Constitutional Case and Former Director of the ACLU
  • "First-rate analysis, writing, and advocacy skills."

    Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review
  • "Highest quality of written and oral advocacy.  Smart, thorough, and effective in the courtroom."

    Co-counsel in a Complex Appeal
  • "Fantastic lawyer.  Legal ability and professionalism are off the charts."

    Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review
  • "Really amazing legal work."

    Co-counsel in an Antitrust Enforcement Suit and Partner of a Major Atlanta Law Firm
  • “Poised, relaxed, responsive, and articulate.”

    Co-counsel in a Complex Appeal
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