We have strong and continuing relationships with our clients and co-counsel.

We are proud to feature some of our clients and co-counsel’s comments about the quality of our legal work.

  • “Cameron is a thorough and dedicated lawyer who brings tremendous insight and creative thinking to complex and novel issues in our litigation matters.  He can always be counted on to go the extra mile for the client to achieve the best possible result.”

    Co-counsel and Partner of an Am Law 100 Firm
  • “Articulate and intelligent and maintained [his] poise through intense questioning.”

    Co-counsel in Appeal of a Significant Financial Dispute
  • “Approaches the law like an old war horse.”

    Co-counsel in Federal Constitutional Case and Former Director of the ACLU
  • “Wise counselors in disputes, and effective, successful litigators.”

    Client and Founding Partner of an Atlanta Accounting Firm
  • “He has a superior intellect, excellent judgment, and deep personal integrity.  He’s an excellent writer and oral advocate.  He’s creative and adaptable.  He’s a consensus builder.  And he balances competing interests to solve his clients’ problems.”

    Co-counsel in a Complex Appeal and Founding Partner of a Major Atlanta Law Firm
  • “Poised, relaxed, responsive, and articulate.”

    Co-counsel in a Complex Appeal
  • “Quick and creative . . . work is of the highest quality . . . painstaking excellence.”

    Southern Center for Human Rights
  • "He is the quickest study I have ever seen.  In court, in discovery, in negotiations, in strategy – with ear, eye, pen and that deep voice of his in tow.  He approaches law like an old war horse. When he has to be bad-cop, look out, but when he plays the good-cop he’ll serve up some Southern charm.  And when all are settled on a chosen path in litigation, Mike posits a new route that takes us farther."

    Senior Counsel at Large Atlanta Firm
  • “James is one of the best lawyers I’ve ever tried a case with.  He’s meticulous, very smart, has excellent judgment, and is unflappable in even the most difficult circumstances.”

    Co-counsel in a Securities Action and a Partner of a Major Law Firm
  • “I get briefed all day by people around the world, [Brandon’s briefing] was a model—among the clearest, most thoughtful, and most informative I’ve ever gotten.”

    Director of International Strategy for a Fortune Global 500 Company
  • "Extremely comfortable in the courtroom."

    Co-counsel in High-Profile Class Dispute
  • "He possesses an impressive combination of savvy and smarts.  His character is impeccable, and his work is driven by curiosity and persistence and attention to detail.  He listens intently and can distill clarity from complexity.  And his integrity is remarkable."

    Executive Director for a Major Research University
  • "Meticulous and incredibly thorough."

    Professor of Constitutional Law at a Georgia Law School
  • "Really amazing legal work."

    Co-counsel in an Antitrust Enforcement Suit and Partner of a Major Atlanta Law Firm
  • "Ethical, honest, and strong attorneys."

    Client and Founding Partner of an Atlanta Accounting Firm
  • "Took the lead on a complex appeal before the Georgia Supreme Court. . . . Professional, energetic, and effective in his presentation, and his writing and oral argument skills were outstanding."

    Co-counsel in a Complex Appeal and a Partner of a Major National Law Firm
  • "I was most impressed with the legal services that you provided in defending my company and bringing this litigation to a prompt, successful and reasonable settlement.  I also didn’t mind that you minimized your time and saved me a lot of legal fees, while providing a great result.  I very much enjoyed working with you and thank you for your exceptional work!"

    Client and General Counsel of a Real Estate Investment Company
  • "Highest quality of written and oral advocacy.  Smart, thorough, and effective in the courtroom."

    Co-counsel in a Complex Appeal
  • "Thanks to your wise counsel, I was able to resolve my issue amicably with the university’s President, Deputy General Counsel, and Vice President for Administrative Services, receiving not only the compensation that I was due, but a gracious letter of recommendation for the accomplishments for which I was responsible during my tenure with the university."

    Client and Former Senior Officer of a Major Research University
  • "An absolutely top-notch lawyer."

    Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review
  • "An excellent lawyer who provides his clients with representation on the highest level."

    Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review
  • "An outstanding trial attorney and advocate."

    Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review
  • "Fantastic lawyer.  Legal ability and professionalism are off the charts."

    Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review
  • “Julia is an extremely diligent, tenacious and talented advocate who took the laboring oar on marshalling the facts and drafting the briefings, including our appellate court filings.”

    Co-counsel and Partner of an Am Law 100 Firm
  • "Will is incredible to work with. He adds tremendous value to a case. I’ve worked with many talented paralegals at other firms, but Will really operates on an entirely different plane. He is efficient; he is a self-starter; he is creative, and he is very responsive."

    Co-counsel in Complex Litigation
  • "I heard Mr. Cobb's oral argument before the Georgia Supreme Court in [the Undisclosed LLC] case. It was quite possibly the finest example of appellate advocacy I've heard; it was on par with the best [Supreme Court of the United States] appellate advocates."

    AVVO Attorney Review
  • "First-rate analysis, writing, and advocacy skills."

    Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review
  • "Jarred is a talented lawyer with powerful intellect and unwavering work ethic that together provide unparalleled client service."

    Senior Associate at Major International Firm
  • "Jessica is a true legal talent.  Her ability to distill the most complex issues into simple, memorable, and persuasive narratives puts her at the very top of the profession.  A skilled and creative advocate with impeccable attention to detail, Jessica can solve any problem she faces."

    Associate at Major International Firm
  • “Sarah’s legal analysis and negotiation skills have been consistently excellent, and she also showed a great feel for the business and budget issues we faced in the context of the legal situation. . . . Her professional attention to our case assured us that we were very capably represented.”

    Director of national IT hardware supplier
  • "Brandon's client- and results-focused representation, ability to navigate complex legal issues, and deep knowledge of federal litigation practice have proved to be a great leap forward in each lawsuit we've been lucky to have him join.”

    Co-counsel in Federal Civil Trial and Senior Counsel at the Southern Center for Human Rights
  • " Erin is one of the most talented litigators I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her adeptness at handling all stages of litigation in all types of subject-matter disputes, her impeccable work product, and her ability to think outside the box to arrive at creative solutions to difficult legal issues are just a few of her gifts. She is an invaluable asset to any client lucky enough to call her “counselor.” "

    Am Law 100 Litigator
  • “Mike is one of the best attorneys I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. His encyclopedic knowledge of the law, ability to synthesize large quantities of information, and superb writing skills, combined with his advocacy skills, make him highly effective in any situation. He is a strategic thinker and problem solver who is always considering creative solutions to his clients’ problems. Mike is a superior legal talent.”

    Senior Counsel of a Major Law Firm
  • "Mike [Eber] has exceptional skill as a trial attorney identifying pivotal issues and evaluating strategic decisions."

    Am Law 200 Litigation Partner
  • “Mike Eber is among the top legal minds in Atlanta. He is very intelligent, knowledgeable, and innovative. Over the years, he has been someone we would turn to when we needed to identify an argument to address a particularly thorny legal issue. And his ability as an oral advocate and brief writer is unsurpassed.”

    Am Law 200 Litigation Partner
  • "Watching skilled lawyers perform at the top of their game is a joy to behold for me, after having the good fortune to be a part of our profession for 50 plus years."

    Arbitrator, Retired U.S. District Judge
  • "Katie is a standout advocate with exceptional judgment.  She’s smart, driven, dedicated, and willing to go the extra mile to drive creative solutions where other lawyers don’t even see the opportunity.  I wouldn’t hesitate to ask Katie for advice when facing the thorniest of legal problems."

    Partner of an Am Law 100 Firm

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