How We Practice

We win by bringing clarity to complex disputes.

Complexity, clarified.

We win by bringing clarity to complex disputes. Some lawyers take a kitchen-sink approach to litigation, focusing on unimportant—and even unwinnable—issues. Others talk too much, write too much, and spend too much of their clients’ money. Caplan Cobb is different. We’re clear, direct, and efficient. We’re skilled at distilling even the most complex disputes down to straightforward arguments on the key issues. We focus on what matters to win.

We bring a 360-degree perspective to every dispute.

We’re not a firm of just plaintiff’s lawyers or defense lawyers; we have significant experience on both sides of the courtroom—plaintiff and defendant. That experience gives us a 360-degree perspective that allows us to assess your case just like your adversary will, identifying—and protecting against—potential weaknesses, while exploiting strengths.

We leverage expertise and technology, not associates.

Law firms traditionally leverage associates to handle the day-to-day management of cases. That model often results in significantly higher costs to the client. But Caplan Cobb is different. Our partners fully participate in every case. We don’t leverage younger lawyers; we leverage technology to accomplish more tasks at a lower cost and to persuade our audiences through better presentations. That enhances the quality of our services, maximizes the likelihood of success—and saves our clients money.

We align our incentives with yours.

We are innovative in our fee arrangements. We design our fee proposals to fit each specific engagement, with a goal of maximizing value and predictability for our clients. And we prefer to align our incentives with our clients’ goals by sharing in risk and rewards.

The hourly fee tends to skew a lawyer’s incentives, rewarding excessive time and prolonged disputes. Many lawyers charge exclusively on an hourly basis. We don’t. While we use hourly fees when appropriate for the matter, we would rather be rewarded for efficiency and success. Therefore, we will look for opportunities to be engaged on a fixed, contingency, goal-oriented, or hybrid fee, if such a fee would be best for your matter.


Credible and credentialed.

Caplan Cobb’s lawyers have the kind of credentials, records, and reputations that are usually found at large and expensive law firms. After serving as law clerks to federal judges, our lawyers practiced at Atlanta’s most prestigious litigation firms, working with and against some of the best lawyers in the country on cases involving hundreds of millions of dollars. We have been selected among the 40 “On the Rise” lawyers by the Fulton County Daily Report, named as “Super Lawyers” in Business Litigation, described as the “Legal Elite” in Business Law by Georgia Trend Magazine, and received awards for the extraordinary results we have achieved for our clients. Read more about our honors and recognitions.

The highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

Credibility may be the single most important characteristic of a successful lawyer. Caplan Cobb’s lawyers have earned a reputation of maintaining the “very highest standards of excellence, professionalism and public service.” Our unwavering honesty and professionalism results in credibility with clients, adversaries, courts, and juries—credibility that helps us persuade and win.

Trusted advisors; devoted advocates.

We are more than just litigators—we are trusted advisors. We will listen to you and learn your business, your needs, and your goals. We will help you resolve disputes and minimize risk. We will give you candid, straightforward advice. We will also assist you with non-litigation matters or direct you to the appropriate specialist. Our goal is to earn your trust so that we can give you honest, valuable advice.


We’re not afraid to try cases.

We have earned a reputation for being “masterful,” “outstanding,” “poised,” “articulate,” and “unflappable” in the courtroom. We like to try cases. And we litigate every case with the expectation that it will go to trial. That alters the settlement dynamic, focuses your litigation strategy on what matters to win, and helps you manage risk.

A client-centered approach to success.

We practice law with one goal in mind—yours. Our strategy for resolving a dispute will be built around your needs, your business, and your goals. Your goals are paramount and will drive how we handle your matter.

We resolve disputes creatively.

Disputes are often about more than money. We learn our client’s business and tailor our litigation strategy to our client’s business objectives. That maximizes opportunities to find a creative, business-oriented solution to your dispute.

We win by staying on point.

We win by getting to—and staying on—the point. We communicate plainly and clearly. We don’t obfuscate. We don’t get distracted by unimportant or unwinnable issues. And we don’t say or write more than we need to. Instead, we win by focusing on the issues that really matter.


  • “Wise counselors in disputes, and effective, successful litigators.”

    Client and Founding Partner of an Atlanta Accounting Firm
  • “Cameron is a thorough and dedicated lawyer who brings tremendous insight and creative thinking to complex and novel issues in our litigation matters.  He can always be counted on to go the extra mile for the client to achieve the best possible result.”

    Co-counsel and Partner of an Am Law 100 Firm
  • "An excellent lawyer who provides his clients with representation on the highest level."

    Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review
  • "Extremely comfortable in the courtroom."

    Co-counsel in High-Profile Class Dispute
  • "Fantastic lawyer.  Legal ability and professionalism are off the charts."

    Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review
  • "Meticulous and incredibly thorough."

    Professor of Constitutional Law at a Georgia Law School
  • “Articulate and intelligent and maintained [his] poise through intense questioning.”

    Co-counsel in Appeal of a Significant Financial Dispute
  • "An absolutely top-notch lawyer."

    Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review
  • “Poised, relaxed, responsive, and articulate.”

    Co-counsel in a Complex Appeal
  • "An outstanding trial attorney and advocate."

    Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review
  • “James is one of the best lawyers I’ve ever tried a case with.  He’s meticulous, very smart, has excellent judgment, and is unflappable in even the most difficult circumstances.”

    Co-counsel in a Securities Action and a Partner of a Major Law Firm
  • "Took the lead on a complex appeal before the Georgia Supreme Court. . . . Professional, energetic, and effective in his presentation, and his writing and oral argument skills were outstanding."

    Co-counsel in a Complex Appeal and a Partner of a Major National Law Firm
  • "Really amazing legal work."

    Co-counsel in an Antitrust Enforcement Suit and Partner of a Major Atlanta Law Firm
  • "Ethical, honest, and strong attorneys."

    Client and Founding Partner of an Atlanta Accounting Firm
  • “Quick and creative . . . work is of the highest quality . . . painstaking excellence.”

    Southern Center for Human Rights
  • “I get briefed all day by people around the world, [Brandon’s briefing] was a model—among the clearest, most thoughtful, and most informative I’ve ever gotten.”

    Director of International Strategy for a Fortune Global 500 Company
  • "First-rate analysis, writing, and advocacy skills."

    Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review
  • “Approaches the law like an old war horse.”

    Co-counsel in Federal Constitutional Case and Former Director of the ACLU
  • "Highest quality of written and oral advocacy.  Smart, thorough, and effective in the courtroom."

    Co-counsel in a Complex Appeal

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