Caplan Cobb is proud to announce the final approval of a class-action settlement valued at more than $10 million. The case, Bowen v. Porsche Cars N.A., Inc., was initially filed in January 2021. The settlement provides virtually complete compensation to approximately 200,000 Porsche owners whose vehicles were impacted by an allegedly faulty software update to the infotainment and navigation systems of their vehicles that, in many instances, rendered those systems unusable.

Along with their fellow Class Counsel, Caplan Cobb negotiated an unusually long period for filing claims: class members will have until June of 2024 to do so. Claims can be filed on the settlement website. Caplan Cobb was pleased to represent the class in this hard-fought litigation along with our colleagues at Gibbs Law Group in Oakland, California and Meyer Wilson in Columbus, Ohio.

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